AQUA PLANET's Purified Water and Vitamin Enhanced Water's are
"Good for You and Good for the Planet!".

You already know how important it is to stay hydrated.  You may not of known that U.S. consumers throw away enough plastic bottles in one year to circle the earth 4 times! You have an opportunity to make a difference by drinking AQUA PLANET's Purified Water and Vitamin Enhanced Waters in a 100% recyclable aluminum can! 

Is drinking water from an aluminum can unconventional? Yes. At AQUA PLANET we believe changing conventional behavior is essential to
improving our environment and protecting our planet.

Why Aluminum?

    Aluminum is 100% recyclable.
 • Aluminum is twice as likely to be recycled than plastic.
 • Contents stay fresher longer as the solid.
    • Can prevents degradation from light.
 • Aluminum keeps products colder longer when not

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